Rather than announce a new model or another plan to save their business, GM invited the 2009 Detroit Auto Show press corps to watch a biracial expression of joy for Barack Obama.

When GM scheduled a press conference for their overlooked and underperforming Saturn brand we didn't expect to find a photo opp with GM blatantly sucking up to President-Elect Obama. Specifically, they set up about a dozen Saturn Vue Hybrids and placed two people holding up a multi-colored sign stating:

"CHANGE: Thanks to you, the word is no longer a cliché. Congratulations President Obama From Saturn and a few of our friends."

Actually, the repeated use of "change" during the campaign is the reason why the word is such a cliché. Even if you can get past the misleading platitude and the ridiculousness of GM, essentially, thanking Obama in advance for another loan you still have to contend with the little bit on the end.

Who are these "friends" of which they speak? Is Bob Lutz a big fan? Didn't GM CEO Rick Wagoner hand money over to Romney? We assume they're talking about the other brands and they're not just bragging about their one black friend.