How much is too much? How much is way too much? Does that car have a Nice Price, or is it time to take your sorry self to Booth Number Two for the Crack Pipe?

We had another Nice Price winner last time, with an overwhelming 75% of you believing that $105,000 was pretty reasonable for a restored Mercedes-Benz 600. We're considering another German car today, though it was built right here in North America. That's right, one of the last of the Mexican Beetles; by 2003, the 65-year run of our favorite clattery little air-cooled machine ended forever, so this low-mileage '01 is pretty close to the newest Old Beetle that money can buy. Oh, sure, you'll be in for a real adventure if you try to register it outside of Mexico, and it's partway through a conversion to the old-style bumpers (which means there are no turn signals), but it's still a pretty cool car. $10,900, though? What do you think?
[The Samba, thanks to Ben for the tip!]