Unhappy with the current direction of the not-so-Big Three, UAW workers the proletariat spoke in the form of a protest outside the Detroit Auto Show. We interviewed David Edgar, the voice behind the rally.

David Edgar, a Chrysler employee working at the Warren Stamping Plant, is not happy. He's sick of "our race to the bottom." He's sick of "what a working man has to go through to make a livable wage." He's sick of "free trade," so he and his UAW local friends are going to fix it. Through protests and rallies, this sizable cadre of autoworkers from a variety of local factories hopes to turn the tide. Being on the inside of the show and looking out, it's a lot like the movie Airheads, but without the rock. Also, no Chris Farley. Ford marketing maven Jim Farley, yes, but he's just his cousin.

The leaders of the protest believe that pressures have been mounting since 1980 to "pull the rug out from under the UAW." One protester stated that he has shrunk his standard of living by selling his boat - and buying a smaller one. God, save us all.