Want to know what that mystery electric car was? Why it's our very own Jalopnik GEM-powered Detroit Auto Show Mobile Command Center, and it's why we've had the fastest coverage at this year's show!

The Jalopnik Detroit Auto Show Mobile Command Center, or DASMC, is the pinnacle of auto show journalistic technology. Based on the all-electric 2008 GEM e2, we've taken it a step further and turned it into a crucial information hub to bring you what you want from the Detroit Auto Show experience — right friggin' now.

For starters, the GEM e2's seriously flexibility on the auto show floor, and why shouldn't it? Just take a look at the 2008 GEM e2's vitals:


-100% battery electric, no gas needed.
-Environmentally friendly with no emissions.
-Ideal for short trips to work, school or just around the neighborhood.
-Recharge in 6-8 hours using a standard 110 volt outlet.
-30 mile range with a top speed of 25 MPH.
-Cost of ownership is only 1/3 that of comparable gasoline vehicle.

But that's not the only reason. Although we'll have more on our new ride later tonight and tomorrow, we've also added a UConnect portable, broadband WiFi network, laptop charging station, blue spinning cop light, Bond-esque smoke machine and enough neon lights to give you epilepsy. Capable of driving up to 30 miles on a single charge, we've got more than enough juice to peruse every hot new vehicle and a few ugly ones. No reason to hide, as you won't hear it sneaking up until its already too late.

Want one like it? Sorry, it's one-of-a-kind. But here are the folks who helped make this a reality — so go buy your own:
Global Electric Motorcars
Autonet Mobile UConnect

Also, thanks to:
Sign-A-Rama Brighton
Insomnia Graphic Design

Check back for more as we bring you our complete coverage of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show — live from the show floor in our GEM-powered command center.