BMW's Motorsport division said it would never tune an SUV, yet they've gone back on their word on that one. Does that leave room for a big-daddy M7? Looks like a definite "maybe."

Spied by a reader of MotorTips, this odd looking BMW 7-series was parked at a supermarket in a town roughly 100km outside of Munich, Germany. At first glance it appears as if this BMW 7 was merely modified by its owner with new quad-exhaust, bigger black-painted wheels and lower profile tires, but the badges appear to be covered in order to mask the cars identity. Upon closer inspection, it appears as if this suped-up seven may in fact be a early build prototype for an upcoming BMW M7 super sedan.

BMW has never officially mentioned an M version of its luxurious 7-Series sedan, but with the AMG-tuned Mercedes S63 and Audi S8 gobbling up sales, albeit in small numbers, it only makes sense that BMW gets into this game. Also adding pressure is Aston Martin's upcoming Rapide and Porsche's ghastly Panamera, two luxo-sport sedans that will surely be game changers.

[motortips via wcf]