The Carpocalypse has spread across most of the globe, but there are still a select few who haven't been hit and they want YOU to know about it.

Take this Rolls Royce Phantom for example, spotted in the UK with it's look-at-me paint scheme of black and gold. How's that for a smack in the face of the ailing global economy. Apparently owned by a day-trading young chav in south London, this black and gold Phantom is said to be the only one in the whuurld of its kind.

If you can start to re-chew your lunch from the sight of the Rolls, take a peak at his equally ostentatious Range Rover with bonus octo-exhaust. As if the obnoxious black and gold stripes and cheap chrome accents weren't enough, he's applied cheap playboy bunny stickers on the number plates. This man truly knows how to outfit his rides.

According to the old adage, money can't buy taste, but it can buy more Sam Sparro!

[via Pistonheads]