Ford mentioned an electric commercial van for 2010 with an electric sedan by 2011 when announcing its latest recovery plan in December. That electric sedan may be based on the next-generation Ford Focus.

Rumors are sprouting Ford will be making a major announcement regarding its electrification efforts at the Detroit Auto Show starting this weekend. Included in that announcement is said to be hints the electric car will be based on the all new global Focus sedan set to drop sometime in the 2011 model year. This news may not stir the cockles of grease monkeys, but it would represent one of the first entry-level all electric sedans on the market from a major manufacturer. Of course, things change as time goes by, so who knows what will be on the market by then, but as part of the new Focus program it has a chance at being pretty interesting. Of course, that only holds true if the Focus itself moves closer to Euro spec and far, far away from the styling we get on the current US Focus.
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