The tuner world's quest to modify every Nissan GT-R ever built continues as Zele International announces the introduction of their R35 GT-R ‘Complete Edition,' which comes in at an eye-watering, SpecV-crushing $205,000.

So what do you get for the cost of a Nissan GT-R SpecV and a base model Corvette? Well, first off, you get exclusivity; Only eight of these cars will actually be delivered complete, though customers will be able to build their own by purchasing the components separately. Those upgrades include a custom paintjob, Recaro seats, complete carbon fiber body kit, a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber intake cover, and carbon fiber radiator shroud. As to anything that actually makes it a faster car, it gets a titanium exhaust, rear differential cooler, a height adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes and an ECU reflash good for a bump up to 550 HP.

So is that good enough to command that kind of price? One word: Crackpipe.

[via Motor Authority]