Surprisingly, only 35% of voters thought that the Ford-powered Maserati Quattroporte was nicely priced at $42,500. Today we're going to return to all-original, unmolested iron, with a highly desirable Reagan Era machine.

Most Celica Turbo All-Tracs got hooned to death years ago, and the remaining survivors are mostly pretty beat. Not this one, though; it's got just 31,133 miles on the odometer and it's shockingly original. Recharge the AC and fix the rip in the dash cover and it should be pretty much mint. Oh, sure, those 21st Century wheels will have to go, but 80s factory Toyota wheels in good shape won't set you back much. However, the price tag on this beauty will take a hefty bite out of your bankroll, to the tune of $11,000. Worth it? Not worth it? What do you think?
[Craigslist San Francisco, go here if the ad disappears. Thanks to Matt for the tip]