It's no shock to find only one example apiece from the likes of AMC, Yugo, and Isuzu, but Chrysler and Subaru? Something's wrong here! In any case, these are the teams that singlehandedly represented their marques on the racetrack.

This car showed up at the last second on Friday, and its crew spent all night installing a cage and other safety gear for the next day's racing. Equipped with the number Π and not officially on the lap-counting clock, it managed a handful of laps before getting upside down. Don't despair, Yugo fans- very reliable sources tell me that this car will be back!

Another vet of the notorious "Demolition Derby LeMons" aka the SF '08 event, the solo AMC did very well, with a 44th-place finish.

Would you believe a 2nd-place finish for an Isuzu I-Mark? Impossible! Well, maybe not for Dave Swig and the Motoring J Style crew, and we're glad they ditched the MR2 for a more LeMons-centric machine. With Handling By Lotus, this I-Mark managed a best lap of 1:39.261 and would have won if not for a (hotly disputed) black flag. Well, there's also the matter of the 10 bonus laps we gave the car because of its alleged hopelessness.

With perhaps the most obsessive theme of any car at the race, the Faster Farms guys were doing quite well… until the allegedly sanest driver on the team flipped it over. Even after all of that, the Faster Farms Belvedere drove home- a 150-mile jaunt- after the race. They'll be back! For now, they can take great pride in their Best Dangerous Banned Racing Technology trophy, earned for their bowling-ball-actuated active wing.

The only Subaru at the race was good and quick- 1:39.488 best lap- but mechanical ills, black flags, etc. 60th place.

Here's a bunch of random action photos for ya. Remember, LeMons will be running in Houston on the last week of February. See you there!