You naysayers who want to claim that the Geo Metro is really a Suzuki can go away now, because we say a GM car- albeit a Honda-powered one- won this race! The rest of the GM field was far from Camaro-only, which is always good to see; nothing against Camaros, mind you, but they've been pretty numerous in LeMons events and it's good to see more GM variety.

The winner! Not much more needs to be said here, but we'd like to point out that the Metro Gnome's best lap of 1:36.298 was only the 12th-best of the race. That's right, consistency (and a 10-lap bonus, awarded by judges who felt sure that chain would snap) wins this race!

This car was moments from winning the SF '08 race when the fuel pump failed. Here's more proof that you don't need to be fast to do well in a LeMons race; just stay out of trouble and don't break parts and you can win. This time around, the Spirit Of San Diego cruised to a solid 7th-place finish, which should give you 305 drivers some ammunition in your debates with the 350 guys.

Sure, this car spun out quite a bit, but Team Unsafe At Any Speed added greatly to our enjoyment of the race. The best lap time was 1:54.807, which wasn't so quick, but they beat nearly half the other teams in the lap totals with their 54th-place finish.

We can't find any photos of the incident- which apparently took place on the back side of the hill- but the super-veteran Cavalier finally ended its racing career with a rollover. No injuries, and we're hoping the ONSET guys will be back with that Cimarron they've been threatening to buy.