Have an old Porsche 911 and $250,000 sitting around? Perhaps you'll be interested in the carbon fiber and kevlar-bodied W3 Triposto, the work of a Montreal father and son engineering duo.

The W3 Triposto first caught our attention last week in some hot video from Advan Tech Studios, where it made a cameo appearance right at the end and took us some time to identify. The car is the baby of Clyde and Hugh Kwok, a couple of Canadian car guys. Clyde is a retired engineering professor and Hugh is a race car driver. When they combined their forces for a project, it led to the W3 Triposto. The Triposto is a coachbuilt car with a Porsche 911 soul, it boasts three-across seating with a center-driver position. The air-cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder engine has been modified to put out 300 horsepower and the top speed is upped to 180 MPH, but that's not really the point. The point is the body.

It's a carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum piece of work with a speedster windshield, high mounted intake, swinging bar "doors" and a classic race car profile. It pays homage to classic Porsches like the 1958 718 RSK. It's not for everybody, certainly, and at $250,000 it'll have few takers. But really, the point was probably more about the father/son team having fun than anything else. (Hat tip to MagicalTrevor, who ID'd it) [W3 Triposto]