It takes a certain kind of bad driver to be banned from the road for almost 1000 years, but 84-year-old Luba Relic of Warriewood, New South Wales, Australia has managed to be just that dangerous.

Miss Relic was out at a St. Vincent De Paul back in September when she managed to smash into an unsuspecting Honda Civic. The trouble was she didn't have a license, as it had been revoked because of medical reasons. Turns out that was only one of 78 times she'd been in court, whether due to traffic incidents or tangling with neighbors. Yeah, that's a bit much.


Seems the court system finally got tired of dealing with Luba and leveled a ban on her driving until the year 2999. On that news, Miss Relic got testy with the Magistrate, who added on another year for her back talk, bringing the final date up to the year 3000. We expect this salty old lady to stick around until then just to spite the system.