When compared to a normal childhood, that of a Jalop must have gone noticeably awry at some point. Instead of growing up to become a well-adjusted menial wage slave by day/LPGA impersonator by night, we became something special, something called an automobile enthusiast. It can be hard to put a finger on what precisely was the reason for this change. It could be because your parents let you poop whenever and wherever you wanted, it could have been passed down as a recessive genetic trait. Or, it could have been the product of your environment. If your bedtime stories resembled Boosted Lego Wagon’s take on Margaret Wise Brown’s classic “Goodnight Moon” from Diddles’ Hoon T-Shirt story, we’re guessing it was the later.

Goodnight Hoon.
Goodnight Garage.
Goodnight General Lee jumping over the Hoon.

In the great green room
There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of-

A Lamborghini Countach