Actor Rip Torn, lately known for his role as Zed in the Men In Black movies was arrested in December for his semi-annual DUI. Also, he looks like a hobo in his mugshot.

We almost mistook Mr. Torn for the crazy guy here in downtown Detroit who tries to sell bottles of his own urine as a vampire repellent, but sure enough, it's the gravel-voiced actor. He was nabbed on December 14th when Connecticut police pulled him over after spotting him driving in the breakdown lane with a Christmas tree strapped to the top of his 1994 Subaru. With a mug like that, it goes without saying that he failed his field sobriety test after giving up on it, complaining that the ground wasn't level enough. It never is when you're three sheets to the wind.


This isn't his first time around the block either, having faced similar charges in 2004 and 2007, with the last case resulting in a suspended license and a fine. Rip has pleaded not guilty to all charges in this go-round. When reached for comment, his liver stated "Are you booze? No? Then shut up and don't bother me." [PopEater]