Australian police nabbed a 78-year-old driver doing 170 KPH in a 100 KPH zone on New Year's Day. His justification? He was a race car driver "enjoying the feel of the road."

The go-fast grandpa was out in his hotted up Nissan Pulsar for a drive with the Nissan Datsun Owner Club. He and another club member in a Nissan GT-R were scooting along at speed on a narrow country road when the coppers got em. As a result of Australia's heavy handed anti-hoon laws, grandpa speed freak and his GT-R-owning friend lost their cars to the impound lot where both men paid $600 to retrieve them. They face fines and a possible license suspension. You may not agree with us, but we think there should be an age exemption for any hoons over the age of 70. They've earned it. [The Age]