What's a reasonable price for a cool old car? Our readers are cold-eyed realists, or maybe you're all just plain cheapskates, and the last Nice Price vehicle was the 1979 Dodge Shag Van.

Today we're going to consider a car that's been generating tips for about a year now; the seller just won't give up, and we've lost count of the number of times readers have tipped us on it. It's an undeniably awesome machine: a Czech station wagon! It's in very nice condition and includes all the original manuals, keys, the works. The seller had it priced much higher for quite a while, but now the price has come down to $5,000 (Bring A Trailer has done a good job of tracking this car's asking prices since it's been on sale). It costs about $2,000 to get a car shipped over from the Czech Republic- I know, because I'm considering doing so myself- and you could probably get a nice Octavia Combi over there for a couple grand… but this one is already DMV-approved and its papers are in order, thus enabling you to avoid an intensely Czech experience during the registration process. What do you think?
[Craigslist San Francisco, go here if the ad disappears]