Here's the first shots of the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet FR500CJ starting production and aside from getting a factory-built honest-to-goodness drag racer, you get one of the coolest VIN number schemes ever.

Okay, yes, the Cobra Jet gets an upgraded 5.4-liter V8 with a cold air intake, A/C delete, 9-inch rear end, a six speed manual or three speed auto with custom shifter, a roll hoop, gauges, a specialized suspension and huge drag slicks, but it also gets a VIN starting with the car's name. This first car off the line is VIN number FR500CJ001. Since it's not a road legal car to begin with, it doesn't have to maintain the traditional VIN coding, so it can be whatever it wants to be. These shots apparently come from a largely unpublicized Job 1 celebration which took place December 18th as the first Cobra Jet came off the end of the line.

Hopefully, the annual Ford drag racing event at Milan Dragway happens again next summer. While we're not complaining about last years selection, if they accidentally brought along one of these, we wouldn't complain. (Hat tip to Jeremy!)

[via Fuel Slut (Why didn't we think of that name?)]