Ever heard of the Commer Cob? British truck builder Commer based it on the Hillman Husky, and this solid example is still alive in Chile. Punta Arenas-based Pulloa got some shots for our enjoyment.

Pulloa, who also brought us the Punta Arenas Peugeot 404, has this to say about his find:

What I've got here, is a (to me) a very rare car. Its a Commer Cob. As I am fairly young , before this, (and a previous encounter, where I took pictures with my cellphone, but they were crap, so I never sent them) I have never seen this car before. After my first encounter with this unknown car, I told my father about it, and he told me that Commers were very common in my city a few decades ago, but there have totally disappeared. I found this example in a parking lot in my city, Punta Arenas, Chile.

I searched wikipedia for more info about the brand and the model. What I got is that Commer was a "British manufacturer of commercial vehicles which existed from 1905 until 1979" and that "The Commer brand was exported widely, with examples, albeit collectors' vehicles, still running far from the UK manufacturing base". Just like this case.

The Cob, was a small delivery van based upon the Hillman Husky. If you search pictures of it, you'll notice the similarities. Strangely, the Cob was, as I said before, the delivery van version of the Husky, so the majority of the photos I found in Google show versions with no rear windows.

As you can see in the pictures, is in pretty good state, mostly because, i believe, it's not used as a daily driver, probably used more like a weekend car. Nevertheless, I think it's a pretty cool car, in very good shape.