Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. It's time for another 1960s Mustang!

Lots of street-driven early Mustangs in this town; so far we've had this '65, this '65, this '66, this '66, this '68, this '69, this '69, this '69, and this '73 in the series. What about the competition from GM and Chrysler? Well, we've seen a single first-gen GM F-Body and just one Chrysler E-Body. Something is going on here; perhaps Mustangs survive the rigors of the street better than Camaros and Challengers, or maybe it's just that Mustang owners don't have quite the same levels of trailer-queen-grade protectiveness about their cars.

Either way, it's nice to have our first 1967 Mustang; we just need a 1964-1/2, and one each from the 1970-72 period to get the complete set. This one looks to be very solid, and it's either a rare factory disc-brake model or (far more likely) a junkyard Granada donated its brake hardware. I've always thought that Cragar S/S wheels look particularly good on these cars.

Hey, it's the Evil Orange Chevelle SS396 parked across the street! You can't see it in these photos, but the green '72 IHC Scout lives just a few doors down. Great block!

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