If you love German cars and pickup trucks you'd normally have to buy two vehicles, but it isn't a normal day when the E-Classamino is again up for sale!

This is actually the second time we've noticed the Mercedes E-Classamino up for sale but it's worth repeating the details. Based on an E320 Limo Chassis, it's claimed the E-Classamino was one of three custom built by Mercedes. Two of the three, not surprisingly, ended up in the United States. Why? Because occasionally people from Alabama win the lottery. With less than 8,605 miles on the odometer this is one clean E-Class. Unfortunately, there's no AMG-tweaked mill under the hood but rather a lowly V6.

Still, when buying a Camino-ized vehicle it's all about what's out back and this überamino has a clean-looking bed made with German precision. It looks like Bruce's cousin Bryce is ready to start bidding and we hope he has some methlab money because the price has increased over the last two years from $30K to $49K. Apparently, not everything is cheaper. [AutoTrader via The Car Lounge]