How much is too much for a car? When is the price nice, and when is it time to take your sorry self to Booth Numbah Two for the crack pipe?

The $45,000 AMX came close to getting a Nice Price rating from the voters, but fell short by 5%. Today we'll be checking out a totally different car with the same lofty price: what the seller claims is the finest unrestored '57 Triumph TR3 in the world. It's rust free, the original interior is still there, and it looks pretty good (considering the photos are blurry and badly framed). We wish the seller had substituted more info about the car for the keyword spam, but he or she knows that Ford and BMW shoppers are actually looking for a Triumph! It's a car most of us would love to own, but what do you think of that price tag?
[Craigslist New York, go here when the listing gets flagged out of existence for the keyword spammage. Thanks to Monsterajr for the tip!]