What do you get when you cross two expressive companies like Porsche and Nike? You get a very interesting and very bright pair of Nike Air Max Light sneakers.

There are plenty of sneakerheads and there are plenty of Porsche fans out there, myself being one of both. So how exactly do you combine your love for both? Better yet, how do you color match your brand new Porsche GT3 RS with your favorite pair of Nikes?

Purchaze of Germany created four unique pairs of Nike Air Max Light GT3 RS’ with colorways inspired by the extreme colors of the most recent 997 Porsche GT3 RS. The four exterior color combinations of the Porsche are accurately portrayed on the shoes. In December of last year, Purchaze presented these unique pairs of sneakers to the Porsche racing staff who will wear them in upcoming races.

Unfortunately there is no plan to recreate these for the public, but with enough time and enough paint, you could recreate these killer sneakers yourself.

[via High Snobiety]