According to an unofficial 2009 Kia Soul website, pricing for the Korean crossover will start at $13,995 and end at $18,595 for a fully-loaded model. The leaked price sheet below.

The compact crossover SUV/tall wagon gets quite a range of build options, with mix and match engines and transmissions. The $13,995 base price is for a Soul equipped with the lowly 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission. The cheapest vehicle equipped with Kia's new 2.0-liter fourbanger is the $15,645 Soul + with the manual transmission. As with most small cars, the automatic transmission requires extra change. In this case, a comparably-equipped Soul costs $950 more if chosen with a slushbox.

The (+) is apparently intended to be read as the Soul Plus trim level and the (!) is supposedly the Soul Exclaim trim. We're also fairly sure Sport means the sportier trim. Just using "Sport" when the other trims get symbols just seems lazy. We would have gone with the interrobang. All but the base Soul seem to share the same engine and transmissions, meaning the differences involve options and, likely, body trim.

[TheKiaSoul via Motive]