The 24 Hours Of LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza had chills and spills, with an all-time high number of entries on the track. Here's the complete roster of participants, ranked by lap totals.

We had some seriously crazy results this time around, with my Index Of Effluency predictions way, waaaay off the mark. In fact, three of the top five finishers were IOE contenders, and one of them took the checkered flag! Not only that, a TR7, an XJ-s, and an X1/9 each managed to finish more than 250 laps. This race featured the traditional LeMons themes of BMW electrical system malfunctions, connecting rods clanking onto the asphalt, and teams outraged by penalties they totally didn't deserve, plus more than the usual number of upside-down cars. Lap bonuses and penalties assessed during the BS Inspection process played a major role; 98th-place Krider Racing actually racked up the highest number of laps, for example. I'll go into more detail when it's time for the Arse Freeze-A-Palooza Über Gällery, but today it's time to provide fodder for endless bench-racing arguments. You can see the complete results here.
Thanks to Mad Science Senior and Mad Science for many of these photos. When you're done here, be sure to check out the Loverman's LeMons coverage, then head over to Autoblog to view Damon Lavrinc's work. If that's still insufficient LeMons action for you, we've got the Top Lemons Of LeMons posts for previous races, including Texas '08, Toledo '08, New England '08, South '08, San Francisco '08, Arse Freeze '07, and San Francisco '07

1. Team Geo Metro-Gnome, Geo Metro

2. Motoring J Style, Isuzu I-Mark

3. Team Baconator, Porsche 944

4. Eyesore FrankenMiata, Mazda Miata

5. Team Bigfoot Hunter, Ford Escort

6. Slow Santas, Honda CRX

7. Team Hurling Moss, BMW 2002

8. Fancy Junc 2, Acura Integra

9. Tinkerbell Rosso, Ford Crown Victoria

10. Formula BMW, BMW 3 Series

11. Spirit Of San Diego, Chevrolet Malibu

12. Lil' Smokey And The Bandit, Toyota MR2

13. B210 Racing, Datsun B210 Honey Bee

14. Old Fast Auto Race Team & Sons, Porsche 924S

15. The Flakes, Volvo 244

16. Team Nerd Herd, Toyota MR2

17. Snowspeeder Pilots Association, Toyota MR2

18. Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta, Alfa Romeo Spider

19. Pole Position Racing, Toyota MR2

20. ZZ Uber Das Driver, Volkswagen GTI

21. Cape Coventry Racing, Triumph TR7

22. Banana Hammock Death Squad, Datsun 280ZX

23. sNot RAcinG, Mazda RX-7

24. Team California Mille #2, Alfa Romeo Alfetta

25. Mach Schnell #5, BMW 3 Series

26. Old Punks, Mazda RX-7

27. Pendejo Engineering, Jaguar XJ-S

28. Team Red Bear, BMW 325i

29. Black Metal V8olvo, Volvo 244

30. Team VIP, BMW 528e

31. Group Of Foolz, BMW 533i

32. Porcubimmer 2 Judgment Day, BMW 325e

33. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Racing, Honda CRX

34. Kamakazi Ninjas With Lasers, Nissan Sentra

35. Mille Miglia, Alfa Romeo Alfetta

36. Rice Rocket Racing (The Sequel), Datsun 280ZX

37. Loose Nuts California, Mazda RX-7

38. Carpet Pissers, Honda CRX

39. Good Humor Racing, Ford Ranger


41. Z Angry Elf, Nissan 300ZX

42. Blues Brothers Racing, Ford Crown Victoria

43. Reversed Darwinism, Ford Crown Victoria

44. Team Green Hornet, AMC Hornet


46. Shelby, Ford Mustang

47. Italian Stallions, Fiat X1/9

48. Lipstick On A Pig, Nissan Sentra

49. Fish Out Of Water, Porsche 944

50. Team Cant Am, Volvo 242 Turbo

51. Two-Eleven Racing, Acura Integra

52. Automatica, BMW 3 Series

53. We Each Hit Racing, Toyota Paseo

54. Unsafe At Any Speed, Chevrolet Corvair

55. The Faustest Team

56. Bernal Dads Racing, Volvo 245

57. Family Truckster, Ford Pinto

58. PIT CREW REVENGE, Honda Civic

59. Absolute Lemons Motorsports, BMW 325iS

60. A Festivus Miracle!, Subaru Legacy

61. Flash Racing Ltd, Mazda Miata

62. Fancy Junk, BMW 6 Series

63. The UNDERGROUND, Nissan 300ZX

64. Huey Newis And The Lose, Ford Mustang

65. Car I Wanted In High School, BMW 325e

66. Lemon Martini Racing, Porsche 914

67. RotoRevenge, Mazda RX-7

68. Doughnut Lovers, Mazda RX-7

69. GI SHO, Ford Taurus SHO

70. Free Range Racing, Toyota MR2

71. Squirrels Of Fury, Volkswagen Scirocco

72. Cherbluracing

73. Heinzy 57, Saturn SL1

74. Timmy's Kids, Audi 4000

75. Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude

76. Delinquent Racing, BMW 3 Series

77. Team Stimulus Package, Honda Civic

78. Pandamonium, BMW 325

79. Project Fate, Nissan 300ZX

80. Autobahn Society Racing, BMW 2002

81. Driving While Awesome, BMW 3 Series

82. Wedginators Redux, Triumph TR7

83. Faster Farms, Plymouth Belvedere

84. Saabs Gone Wild- Hare, Saab 900 Turbo

85. Chim Chim Racing, Ford Thunderbird

86. Safari West, Jaguar XJ6

87. Halfast Racing, Chevrolet Camaro

88. Bi-Polar Express, Ford Mustang

89. Team 60 Racing, Saab 900 Turbo

90. ONSET, Chevrolet Cavalier

91. Maximoat Truck, Ford Escort

92. ZZ UBER II, Volkswagen Corrado G60

93. Team Sh*tbox Beyond Thunderdome, Toyota Supra

94. Junk Yard Kats, Datsun 280ZX

95. Alzheimer's Autosport Racing, Toyota Celica Turbo All-Trac

96. Bavarian Alliance, BMW 535i

97. Lost Cause, Mazda RX-7

98. Krider Racing, Acura Integra

99. The Dead Smurfs, Mazda Miata

100. Delinquent Racing, Ford Taurus SHO