Some of you noticed the football-themed posts spliced over from Deadspin regarding the Detroit Lions' sad season. This was Lions-faithful Ray Wert's idea and he wants to know if anyone in Detroit did worse?

Today's Bonus QOTD follows the almost tragic coincidence of the Detroit Lions going 0-16 the same year of the Carpocalypse. It's been a period for Detroit full of political scandal, financial failure and athletic collapse considered bad even by Michigan standards. But has anyone underperformed worse than the Lions?

Though not based out of Detroit, Kirk Kerk's Ford gamble in Detroit finally ended today with him losing an estimated $600+ million. Still, he didn't lose all his money while the Lions lost all of their games. Chrysler is suffering, but they still haven't fired their coach. So, no, few in Detroit are as bad as the Lions.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images