Jalopnik's first exclusive pictures of what might be a new Ford Taurus SHO have visions of sporty American sedans dancing in our heads. But what does the SHO need to do to be a success?

What made us love the original Taurus SHO so much we encouraged our own to snag a rare SHOwagon? It's all about the sleeper power. The DOHC Yamaha V6 was a great-looking engine and the 220 HP it produced, while not earth-shattering, still makes the old Taurus SHOs faster than a lot out there now. Even better, the SHO managed to look sharp while maintaing its Q-shipness.

If the new SHO does get the 350/350 Ecoboost V6, and the engine lives up to the hype, Ford will be taking a step in the right direction. One thing we didn't see in the photos was a manual transmission, though the tester we spotted was just one car of many possible. We'd like one of those as well.


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