We were all pretty excited when a genuine, Marshal Tito-grade Yugo showed up to the track on Friday night and a crew started putting a cage in it right there in the parking lot.

Hooray! We've always wanted to see a Yugo in a 24 Hours Of LeMons race, and here it was happening before our eyes. Unfortunately, the amount of time we got to spend enjoying the sight of a fine Balkan machine duking it out with Mazdas and BMWs was extremely short; it didn't take long before the Yugo got a little bit wiggly in turn 4, got clipped by another car, and rolled over a few times. The driver was unhurt- we were all holding our breath until we saw him clamber out, what with that somewhat iffy Zastava build quality and all- but the car didn't fare so well. And yes, the top of this Yugo wasn't very shiny... but when you see the opportunity to use CB radio slang in a headline, you take it. Once again, thanks to Mad Science Senior and Mad Science for the photos.