There's little in life you can't boil down to a top ten list. We should know, we made a lot of them this year. Below are the 11 fiercest, ugliest, most post-apocalyptic lists of 2008.

This week we've run lists of the biggest automotive stories, the most popular Jalopnik stories and the most discussed Jalopnik stories of 2008. Now we get to move on to another favorite "2008 year in review" list — top tens — and we've cranked it up to 11. Here are the 11 highest trafficked Jalopnik top ten lists of 2008.

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11.) The Ten Most Outrageous Car MSRPs

The List: With your help we were able to run up the MSRPs on a variety of luxury and non-luxury cars using the "build your own" feature and outrageously priced options. Can you say $163,573 for a non-turbo Cayenne?
Date: February 11th
How Many People Read This List: 80,177

10.) Ten Cars You Can Live In After Your Home Is Repossessed

The List: Back when we thought the Financiapocalypse was the be-all, end-all of financial pain we started looking for cars we could all live in. Thanks to Meg at Consumerist for the idea.
Date: October 20th
How Many People Read This List: 88,360

9.) The Ten Fiercest Russian Military Vehicles Of All Time

The List: Remember the Georgian conflict? Lacking in an appreciation for Georgian autos we turned to listing off the craziest, 24-wheeled vehicles in the Russian arsenal. We may have all been Georgians, but we all still appreciated crazy Russian vehicles.
Date: August 11th
How Many People Read This List: 89,751

8.) The Ten Most Outrageous Car Body Kits

The List: It's quite possible the Pontiac Fiero and Volkswagen Bug were created merely to be the canvas on which outrageous (and often hideous) custom fiberglass bodies are attached. We highlighted the ten most outstanding and strange customs.
Date: August 4th
How Many People Read This List: 98,902

7.) Ten Most Beautiful Cars Currently For Sale

The List:A list of the ten most beautiful cars for sale was sure to create a lot of conversation and our choices, though generally agreeable, were gleefully added to by the Jalopnik commenters.
Date: August 20th
How Many People Read This List: 101,861

6.) Ten Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

The List: Building on the experience of our readers we assembled ten strategies for getting out of a speeding ticket. We're still trying to get "The Jedi Approach" to work.
Date: September 24th
How Many People Read This List: 102,022

5.) The Ten Best Post-Apocalpytic Survival Vehicles

The List: When society unravels and everyone is looking for food or guns we know the Jalops out there will be looking for a Sisu XA-185.
Date: February 25th
How Many People Read This List: 144,285

4.) Ten Best Tailgating Vehicles

The List: With college and professional football in full swing we looked to the pigskin fans to find the ten best grilles with a grill. Can you say decommissioned ambulance?
Date: September 26th
How Many People Read This List: 219,494

3.) The Ten Ugliest Cars Currently Sold In The United States

The List: U-G-L-Y these cars have no alibi, they're ugly. Yeah, yeah they're ugly.
Date: July 23rd
How Many People Read This List: 246,876

2.) America's 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

The List: We've rarely had as much fun as we did assembling this list of confusing traffic signs. Don't forget to yield to bikes don't wheelies backwards into the intersection.
Date: September 3rd
How Many People Read This List: 364,098

1.) The Ten Scariest-Looking Cars Of All Time

The List: With more than half-a-million views, this Halloween-themed list of scariest-looking cars was a hit. Who knew an Avanti could be so scary?
Date: October 30th
How Many People Read This List: 507,889