If you were going to hire a fabrication god to scratchbuild the car of your choice, what would it be? It's hard to go wrong with the Toyota 2000GT, and that's what's happened here.

The 2000GT is one of those cars you might not be able to buy, period; the few that exist no doubt live behind quadruple-locked, nuke-proof steel doors, and the typical 2000GT owner would sell several internal organs before parting with the car. That's where Shin Yoshikawa comes in. A 2000GT chassis (no, we don't know who built it) and a bunch of aluminum comes into his shop, and what comes out is pure beauty. Yoshikawa's English takes some odd twists and turns, but his descriptions get the job done; check out his site when you're done here.
[Studio Time Capsule, thanks- yet again- to LTDScott for the tip]