The 30 grand 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT was sent packing to Booth Number Two by the voice of the mob, but what will the voters make of this 1979 Dodge Shag Van?

What we've got here is an original, 32,000-mile, modified-back-in-the-day 1979 Dodge van with all the right custom features. Let's run down the list: Shag carpeting on every possible surface? Check! Airbrush mural featuring science-fiction interplanetary landscapes? Check! La-Z-Boy chair? Check! Stereo with dual analog equalizers and 23-channel CB radio? Check, check, checkmate! It goes without saying that you'd need to have every Foghat 8-track every released if you owned this van… but you might have a tough time fitting all those tapes into your budget, because this fine machine ain't exactly what you'd call cheap: $15,000. That hurts, but you're going to have a tough time finding a time-capsule custom van in this kind of condition. Nice Price? Crack Pipe?
[Craigslist Dallas, go here if ad disappears. Thanks to Chris for the tip]