In-crowd kids already knew "Carpocalypse" was the hip term for the current state of the domestic automotive industry. Now, even the NYT's using it. But they're not the only ones. Feeling self-referential? You betcha.

Coming just a day after we used it ourselves on the air at CNBC, our little turn-o-phrase is making itself known in other media outlets. Our little term-of-the-day made it's way into an article on the front page of the 'ol gray lady, in addition to a quick quip-of-a-quote from yours truly in Micki Maynard's piece today discussing Chrysler's leaked future product plans.

But we're not the only outlets. It seems our friends at Slate have given us a hat tip as well. Just remember where you read it first, faithful readers. In the meantime, head over to the NYT and Slate to see it in the bright and glitzy lights. Pretty soon everyone'll be using it and then it'll be on American Apparel t-shirts and SNL sketches. Oh well, that's the price of celebrity, ain't it?

All we know is, we're pleased as punch to see the word "carpocalypse" written anywhere.


Where it wasn't written was over on Motor Trend, but that's a piece of a different sort. As usual, Todd Lassa hits the nail on the head. Well, except for that whole "looking" irreverent. We're totally irreverent. We swear. [NYT, Slate, Motor Trend]