You say 13 grand is too much to pay for a '74 Corolla? So be it! But we know you like low-mileage Fords, so today we've got a super-rare Mustang with a double-digit odo reading!

That's right, 99 miles! Judging from the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the nice Down On The Street SVO Mustang, we figure many of you are already fumbling for the "Nice Price" choice, before even reading the details. Hold on there, sport, because the details are well worth reading; this car is being offered by the same too-literate-for-eBay outfit that had the 2,000-mile Daytona Turbo Z. That's right, no CAPS LOCK gibberish to slog through, just a lengthy sales spiel that doesn't do much to explain why this car has so few miles; it was a show car for its early years, though we can't quite figure out if it was owned by Ford or someone else at the time. Regardless, it appears to be the real deal, and it can be yours for only $33,900! We especially like the "wink, wink" unlabeled part of the speedometer, which complies with the 85MPH max reading allowed during the era but allows hoons to figure out higher speed readings. So, do you reach for your checkbook… or do you reach for the pipe?
[eBay Motors, thanks to Leo for the tip]