Honda Chairman Takeo Fukui has announced the cancellation of the V10-powered Acura NSX effective immediately as a result of the Carpocalypse and a desire to focus on green technologies.

We can't help but hear the strains of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust ringing in our ears this morning as we discover even the engineering supermen at Honda will bow to economic pressure and cancel the much anticipated Acura NSX. Takeo Fukui made the announcement in his annual end-of-year speech. In addition to axing the companies first V10-powered supercar, the Chairman also announced plans to cancel the roll out of the Acura brand in the Japanese domestic market, further signaling a return to a more conservative Honda marketing strategy.


It ran 7 minutes, 37 seconds on its first attempt around the Nürburgring (as a prototype!), it was set to shake up the established supercar brands. It was going to be this generations Jaguar E-Type! And now, to learn the Acura NSX has been killed to focus on hippy cars and fuel misers? Oh, the humanity! [AutoCar]