This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we examine interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. When was the last time you saw an E10 Corolla?

While I've never actually been to Eureka, California, the area harbors deep personal significance to me. That's due to the incomparable Arcata Eye Police Reports Page, written by my journalistic idol, Kevin Hoover. Consider the following description of what was likely your standard-issue Humboldt County domestic dispute:

Tensions bubbled up ’twixt a man and woman like a pot of boiling oil at the everlasting donut shop. In this metaphor, they would play the donuts, bobbing in the searing grease of anger. Police dunked the drama in an eye-opening cup of disturbing the peace, clearing the shop of tensions like crumbs wiped from a pastry aficionado’s double chin, leaving a surface sheen of relief.

So, here we've got a fine example of vintage Humboldt County daily-driverness, shot by Fej for our enjoyment. Even in California, you're more likely to see something like a Fiat 128 or Citroën DS than an E10 Corolla, so this is quite a find. Here's what Fej has to say about it:

I submit for your consideration a vehicle I found while driving the tweaker infested streets of Eureka, CA. I have never seen it before all I can figure out is that it is a first generation Toyota Corolla 1200, that is in pretty rough shape and spent some time in Mexico in January of 1984.