This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. It's winter and I'm in Denver, so it's BRAT time!

Even though I'm visiting freezing-ass lovely Denver right now, I didn't take these shots. Instead, we've got another vintage Subaru found by south Denver's Kitt, who also gave us this red BRAT last summer. The BRAT, whose name was an acronym for the mellifluous "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter," has mostly disappeared from the earth, but you find pockets of them in places like Colorado. Places where folks like the outdoors, enjoy driving up snow-covered mountains roads, and don't mind riding in the backward-facing bed seats that transformed the early BRATs into cars, exempting them from the 25% Chicken Tax that made trucks so lucrative for Detroit. Actually, this BRAT appears to be from the post-jumpseat BRAT era, when lawsuits forced Subaru to ditch the extra seats and sell their little pickup as a truck.