How much is too much for an interesting old car? The Renault Le Car (that's a Renault 5 to you Yurpeans) is pretty interesting, all right, but $5300.83? Nice Price… or Booth Numbah Two?

We've had feel-good NPOCP votes the last couple days, with the 188-mile T-Bird and the 2,450-mile '85 RX-7 both winning Nice Price honors. For today, we've got a 53,000-mile 1983 Renault Le Car for the must-be-significant price of $5,300.83. It's got the sunroof, it's in nice shape, it drives, and it's way nicer than the other 48 Le Cars still traversing North American roads today. Whaddya say?
[eBay Motors, thanks to Jon for the tip]