On Friday we introduced you to Facebook Connect, the feature allowing you to leave Jalopnik comments via your Facebook account. Click through for a quick primer in Facebook commenting and remember to sign up!

The goal of Facebook Connect is to make it easier for readers with a Facebook account to join the always-captivating discussions that spring up underneath Jalopnik posts. Readers no longer have to register a separate account and wait for approval to join in the spirited debates and sometimes-hilarious banter. Commenting via Facebook is literally as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1) Connect with Facebook


At the bottom of every post, you can click the "Connect" button to bring up the Facebook login page.

Step 2) Log In


Enter your Facebook account information and click "Connect" to log in.

Step 3) Profit! Comment!


Your comment will appear as soon as you hit submit. No waiting for moderation. No passing of go and definitely no collecting $200. Additionally, both your comments and your Facebook friends' comments will appear on your Facebook feed, as seen below:

Of course, with freedom comes responsibility. Commenters, Facebook or otherwise, who dirty up the joint with offensive or stupid comments can and will be swiftly removed from the ranks of the Commentariat. As always, readers are encouraged to email me with questions, comments, or links to questionable comments. Happy commenting!