The overwhelming majority of voters thought that the Callaway '83 Porsche 944 was reasonably priced at $45,000; not bad for a Late Malaise Era machine. Today we're going to ponder a car from the same era, and it may be even more rare than the Callaway 944: a really straight, all-original Chevy Chevette!

I could have sworn that I'd already posted on this car, but I must be mixing it up in my memory with the $20,000 Pinto Squire. That was a full-on rock-smokin' price, but this Chevy is priced far more reasonably: $8,995. Sure, knocking the five bucks off the price to put it under nine grand makes it appear to be on sale at Nickel Nick's Gently Used Brougham Coaches, but the seller was able to take his or her eyes off the 16,700-mile odometer reading long enough to take note of the Chevette emblems on the outside. Just about all the other Chevettes were crushed 15 years ago, and the few that remain are sunk to their axles in trash-strewn lots- this is likely your only chance to own a show-quality Chevette! But is $8,995 a good price? You tell us!

[Hemmings Motor News], thanks to many, many of you for the tip!