While most Fauxrraris tend to be based on the mid-engined Pontiac Fiero, you can also find Daytona replicas based on the good ol' C3 Corvette. Since the small-block Chevy can be made to churn out power well beyond anything ever put in a factory Daytona, a Corvettari can be very quick (though the Corvette suspension might make for some white-knuckle driving adventures at Ferrari-esque speeds). Here we've got a well-built Corvettari Daytona, built on a 1980 chassis with EFI 400 small-block and Tremec 5-speed.

Sure, it probably handles like Grandma's Cutlass Supreme, but who cares? It looks good, it has a manual transmission, it's 25-and-a-half grand, and it will probably eat up a real Daytona in a drag race. Watch this, y'all!

[eBay Motors]