An interesting difference between Backyard Lambos and Backyard Ferraris is that eBay apparently won't let you use the word "Ferrari" when you're trying to sell your Fauxrrari. That's why the vehicle we're looking at today is actually a "512 tr FERR@RI" replica.

You may have noticed that the words "Fiero," "Pontiac," or even "GM" don't get mentioned anywhere in the description, but the statement "v6 tuned port fuel injected with an auto transmission that shifts like a dream" tells the whole story: this is a Fierrari. However, its Fiero origins aren't so obvious at first glance (other than the engine and gauge cluster) and the build quality seems pretty decent. Would you be better off taking your $34,500 and purchasing a clean 308 or Mondial, with enough left over to pay shop bills for a couple years… or do you get the nicest Fierrari in town instead?
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