A couple friends were out walking around San Francisco when they came upon a Honda Civic with a massive hole in the windshield, dented roof, bloody mess on the hood and a cryptic note under the wiper.

Text Of The Mysterious Note
Mark your vehicle was involved in an incident. A person fell from the building that you parked next to. Subject that fell has AIDS, as a warning to you to be careful. Attached is a case # of the incident.

It seems someone "fell" off the tall building the car was parked next to and landed on the car. And to top things off, the faller apparently had AIDS! The note ends up creating more questions than answers. Did the person live? Does the owner know about the car yet? How did this happen? Did they jump or fall? How do you "fall" off a building? One thing is clear though, this is incredibly bizarre. Oh, and one more thing, this happened on Fell Street. [Treyblog]