The Mazda MX-5-based Mitsuoka Himiko is surprisingly gorgeous (for a company that makes the Orochi, the ugliest car we've ever seen and the Viewt, the weirdest) but also unsurprisingly familiar.

We say unsurprisingly familiar because the Morgan-inspired follows the company's trend towards auto-anglophilia, as seen on the Mitsuoka Galue. And underneath the very becoming skin?

With the exception of the stretched wheelbase and some added wood on the interior, this is a fairly stock NC MX-5 Miata equipped with the same 2.0-liter fourbanger good for either 160 or 168 horsepower mated either to a six-speed manual or automanual, respectively. So for just over $50,000 you can get most of the famous handling and performance of the MX-5 with most of the classic British look of a Morgan — assuming you live in Japan.

[Mitsuoka via Autofiends]