We just arrived here at the Temple of Geekdom (aka the Gizmodo Gallery). It was easy to spot, just look for the shonkiest excuse for a Back to the Future-replica DeLorean you’ve ever seen. We’re not just making fun of it because we’ve both driven the DeLorean DMC-12 and seen a parade of DeLoreans down Woodward Avenue every year this decade, this thing is really bad. Mostly held together with duct tape and cable ties, there’s also some spray painted cardboard boxes with holes cut out of them to form louvers, an assortment of non-connected wires and an old kitchen exhaust fan sitting on top of a box. The Flux Capacitor appears to be an old coffee maker. And no, we don't mean the Mr. Fusion kind.

Inside the gallery there’s a bunch of cool gadgets and a gaggle of prepubescent dorks Gizmodo contributors and fans playing Call of Duty on a huge TV. But the tech inside is, as we just said, quite cool.