In addition to fixing celebrity-bashed Enzos and running a pair of Neons at LeMons Texas, Matt Groner also has this seriously cool vintage-racer BMW project. It's a race car built in the early 60s, based on a BMW 600 chassis, powered by a motorcycle engine, and set up for Formula Junior racing. Allegedly, the thing is good for 120 MPH, and I've been offered the chance to be the daredevil to see if that claim is true. Jump away for the rest of the photos and Mr. Groner's description.

Attached are some black and white pictures from the 60's. I tried to scan some hand written notes from the cars folder but they didn't scan well enough to read. Here's what they said:
I talked to Segfried Linke, Seatle Washington. He and a friend built your BMW Formula Junior. They built approx 8 of them in 1963-64 and raced at many locations in the Northwest 1964 - early 1966, then formula V became popular & everyone switched to them.
Just took body off a BMW 600, modified frame slightly, added rollbar & built fiberglass body for it.
All kept basically stock engine, used as cheap, entry level spec racer.
Said cars could reach 120 MPH on a straight!
Including some BMW 600 pictures of what it was before someone converted it into a race car. Also pictured are a couple close ups of the front and rear wheels. Fronts looks to be factory BMW 600 and the rear looks to have been welded to keep the small four bolt hub, but to create a larger diameter wheel. Front tire is a 145/10 and rear is 145/12. I am still thinking there is no way this thing could do 120 mph. I know it won't with me in it. I am thinking it's like the family fish stories. Every year the fish gets bigger and bigger. I will make it into a race car again next year. It looks to me like someone got a little carried away with the blue, so I will attempt to bring it back to what it looked like in 1964-66. A few phone calls and I will find out what color this one was back in it's day. Lots of rubber parts are old and need replacing. Shifter linkage needs work. I have driven it a few years ago and it's pretty cool. Maybe when you come down for the next LeMons Texas race you can take her for a spin at MSR. Just make sure your life insurance is up to date. Yeh, that's the ticket: you can see if it'll do 120 mph!