If you signed yourself up for updates on the development of the Porsche Panamera at the automaker's minisite, you may have already received a packet of super secret advertising containing expensive ultra-glossy "first official images" of the new Panamera. It also contains what we assume is an unintentional backhand at the press corps.

Printed right on the thin black sleeve holding the photographs is the following:

Spies would risk life and limb for them.
Bloggers would lie, cheat and steal for them.
The press would kill for them.

And you happened to have them in your hands right now.

The vague "them" they're referring to is of course the images contained therein, which would have been pretty clever marketing if we hadn't already seen the complete reveal of the car. The part about this we enjoy though is we bloggers would only lie, cheat and steal for them if they had been anything important, but the press, well they would kill for them! Clearly, Porsche holds bloggers in much higher esteem than our dead tree brethren.