The moment the Ford Taurus SHOwagon listed on eBay was posted here the bidding for the rare item suddenly jumped up. We thought this was because we're awesome and moved tons of traffic in the power-wagon's direction. No. In fact, the real culprit was our very own Commenter Admin / Cotomer Sevis Rep Pete Gaines. Not only did he drive the price up past its low reserve, he was able to purchase the car for the steal-of-a-deal price of just $3,000. His plans for the sweet new ride?

Step One: Pete is going to figure out how to get the SHOwagon from its current location in Dayton, Ohio all the way back to Jayhawk country Kansas.

Step Two: He's going to find a way to sell and strip all of that weight-adding sound equipment.

Step Three: Enjoy.

And those awesome green wheels? They're going to stay. We applaud Pete for his bold move. It was truly a stunning victory that would make Mark Mangino proud. We're looking forward to seeing how it turns out and, of course, what happens when he tells his girlfriend about his spontaneous purchase.