We had the Herbie The Love Bug replica score a 44% on the Crack-Pipe-O-Meter™ last Friday, but that was due to 21% of the vote going to "other", thanks to a poll glitch. Today we're going with a car that most likely earns an approval rating of about 99.9999% from our readers: a factory-built Porsche 914-6 race car that spent its working life as a test vehicle in Stuttgart and never got beat up on the race track… until a few years ago, when it hit the vintage-race circuit. The car's seller adheres firmly to hallowed eBay tradition and goes for the EASY ON THE EYES CAPSLOCK style, though we're going to have to dock him some points for insufficiently incorrect spelling and punctuation, but it's the car's price that really gets our attention: $325,000! Great car, but would you need to smoke a rock the size of your head to have that price make sense?

[eBay Motors, thanks to Brennan for the tip.