Like seemingly every other GM product to be launched in the last year, the Pontiac G8 GXP’s handling was tuned on the Nurburgring. There, while being driven by development engineers (and not a professional race driver), it set a ring time of 8:30. That sounds pretty good, especially given the badge the G8 GXP wears on its nose and its price: expected to be just under $40,000 including gas guzzler tax and destination fee. But how good is it?

In comparison, the E60 BMW M5’s record lap is 8:13. That car starts at $85,100 and betters the G8 GXP by 92 HP. The Porsche Boxster S is two seconds slower than the G8, despite weighing over 800 Lbs less and retailing for $15,700 more. So basically, the G8 GXP gives you the performance of a Porsche Boxster S and the practicality of an M5 with the price tag of a Pontiac. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our Pontiac G8 GXP First Drive.