Last time we chose between the gold bars and Booth Numbah Two, the $15,500 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL grabbed a stunning 90% rating on the Crack-Pipe-O-Meter™. The global economy is taking body blow after body blow, which you'd think would knock the price of high-end used cars down to Prole Territory… but such is not the case with this 2004 Maybach 57. It's out of warranty, it's got 32,000 miles, and it's a manufacturer buyback car (as the seller puts it: "MAYBACH HAD BOUGHT THIS VEHICLE FROM THE OWNER UPON LEMON LAW AND THEN COMPLETELY FIXED THE PROBLEM. SO YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO WORRIES AT ALL!!")… and it's priced at $129,900. The Maybach 57 is a helluva car, and you'll pay way over 300 grand for a new one; do you think this is a Nice Price for an '04?

We've got to say that parking it in front of an obvious foreclosure-bait McMansion and then shooting the car's video screens while they're displaying unpleasant images of crime and disability isn't going to help this car move off the lot, but maybe that's just us. [eBay Motors], thanks to Goatrope for the tip.